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The National Association of Attorneys General estimates that although 5,000,000 Americans are defrauded by telemarketers every year, only one of five of them report the fraud, usually because they are too embarrassed.

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Call Screening Devices
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Block calls and stop junk faxes – with or without Caller ID.

Caller ID Manager   Caller ID Manager


Now you can choose who can ring your phone, and when. And, it's VoiceMail compatible!

This means THE END of anonymous or blocked callers, telemarketers, political campaigns, non-profits, surveys, misdialed numbers, ex's, false faxes, and hang-ups...before your phone ever rings.

$ 99.97 learn more...
Caller ID Manager Remote   Caller ID Manager Remote


Send calls directly to an extension based on who is calling, without ringing other phones.

$ 29.97 learn more...
TeleZapper   TeleZapper

Works in the background every time the phone is answered to systematically eliminate your number from telemarketerís lists.
$ 39.97
$ 19.97
learn more...
TeleZapper II   TeleZapper II

The latest version of the TeleZapper. This lithium battery powered unit is smaller in size with all of the same great features.
$ 39.97
$ 29.97
learn more...
EZ Hangup   EZ Hangup

Position a unit by each telephone and, with the push of a button, announce to unwelcome callers that you do not accept calls from telemarketers.
$ 17.49 learn more...
TriVOX VN100   TriVOX VN100

Geared to those who want total control and flexibility over their phones, each unit creates an extension number and can be attached to its own answering device for screening or message taking.
$ 89.97 learn more...
Private TIME PT1000   Private TIME PT1000

A feature-rich telephone/speakerphone, digital answering machine and effective call-screening device wrapped into one.
$ 79.99 learn more...
Call Screener   Call Screener

A flexible call-screening device that can work in a passive or active mode, putting telemarketers on notice that they are unwelcome. It also emits special tones that discourage automated dialers.
$ 39.97 learn more...
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