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On average, only 24% of what you donate as a result of a telemarketing call will actually get to the charity on whose behalf the solicitation is made. The telemarketing company hired to make the call gets the rest.

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TriVOX VN100 from Avinta Communications
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Our Review

The TriVOX VN100 was developed by a company that offers advanced technologies for use in networking telephones and computers in small offices and residences. Although not originally developed for household use, it is very robust and simple to install. By adding the TriVOX to your phone line, you are taking the first step to having the phones behave in a way that is determined by you, for total control and complete flexibility. The best part is that you can minimize the monthly charges that you pay to the telephone company for equal services with no changes to your existing wiring. With additional units you can even eliminate monthly charges for extra lines.

To use all of its functionality, it is recommended to have a minimum of two answering devices. The first is used to act as a call screener (auto attendant in technical terms) to deliver your message to telemarketers and other callers, and, at your option, let callers know the two number code that you set to ring through to you or your answering device. In essence, you are creating a automated receptionist, to filter out all unwanted calls.

In your message, if you elect not to disclose the “secret code” that you set, callers will not be able to ring the phones that are connected behind the TriVOX, and you would set the auto attendant to take messages. That means that your phones will only ring if someone has the code that you have given them. Another great feature is that, if your code becomes overused, you can change it at any time. By adding additional units, the caller can be directed to more that one extension. For example, you could have one extension for each of the children and one for the adults, or one for personal use and one for business use. By adjusting your message at the first announcement, you can direct callers anywhere in the “system” that you establish, and can add up to 12 unique extensions. By adding extensions, the caller only rings the intended recipient. Each extension number may have more than one phone connected to it as well. For example, one extension number can be dedicated to all phones in the children’s rooms.

Packed in the box with the TriVOX VN100 are simple instructions on connecting the unit in various configurations. We found them to be very straight forward. Once connected, your phones and answering devices work as expected, without interference from the TriVOX. We did found the unit to be a finicky about line voltage, but this was corrected by taking a more direct route from the TriVOX to the jack from the telephone company. The small unit also requires power from a 110V receptacle.

This unit is a great match for anyone wishing to rid themselves of the aggravation of telemarketers, with the added benefit of equipping their home or small business with a very professional sounding and acting mini system. Short of upgrading to a complete telephone system with a control unit and proprietary phones, this is an economical and very flexible solution, but we recommend it only for those proactive types, willing to invest a little more time with the configuration and minor changes that may be necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does it work with caller-ID?

Yes! (It must be a standalone caller-ID device) Just connect the standalone Caller-ID device between the wall outlet and the standalone “auto-attendant” answering machine

How can I use the TriVOX with my existing combined telephone and answering machine?

You need a standalone “auto-attendant” answering machine. You may use your combined telephone and answering machine to serve as an additional voicemail box in case you are truly not available to receive the phone call.

Why do I need an “auto-attendant”?

In order for our TriVOX to block the unwanted callers, while giving an opportunity to let your friends and relatives enter the “secret code.” That is why we need the “auto-attendant” to go off-hook and make the announcement.

Can I use the TriVOX with my phone company’s answering service?

NO, but the good news is that with TriVOX setup you can eliminate your phone company’s answering service and its associated monthly fee.

Can I change my “secret code” once I have set it?

YES! You may change your two digit “secret code” at anytime; unplug the 12V AC power connector; change setup; and then reconnect the 12V AC plug into TriVOX.

Will TriVOX work with a cordless phone?

YES! It sure does.


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