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Charities make more money from selling your name and number to the other telemarketing companies than from the donations they collect from calling.

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TeleZapper from Privacy Technologies
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Our Review

Updated TeleZapper Review for 2005:

Predictive dialers are computer driven devices that automatically dial hundreds, if not thousands of numbers in rapid succession, in hopes of soliciting a human response on the called number.

The TeleZapper is a product that was aimed solely at defeating these predictive dialers, designed to emit a tone similar to the Special Information Tone (SIT) in hopes of fooling the dialer into interpreting the number as out of service.

In the past, most predictive dialers listened for the SIT, and if the SIT tone was detected, the dialer would be programmed to disconnect the call. In theory, it would also abandon the number as a future prospect for the sake of efficiency.

The TeleZappers' success may have also been its demise. Due to the millions of TeleZappers in use, most predictive dialers have now been upgraded to no longer listen for the SIT, and will persist in dialing numbers without regard to outgoing messages or sounds. This upgrade renders the TeleZapper ineffective.

In a recent test of the TeleZapper, it was found that the number of unwanted calls did not decline after one month of use. Unfortunately, the TeleZapper was not designed to stop, and has no effect against manually dialed numbers, wrong numbers, or those you wish to block. Its other major shortcoming is that the phones will always ring, even when an unwanted call is received. Testers also found that the tone that was heard every time the phone was taken off hook, both for inbound and outbound calls, was unwelcome by both the caller and receiver, and too irritating to continue its use.

As technology has progressed since the introduction of the TeleZapper in 2000, we have found that the most effective way to stop unwanted calls is to use a device that can recognize the Caller ID information and block calls before the phones ring. These devices can be found here: Privacy Corps Products Page.

Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know I bought the TeleZapper out of desperation a few weeks ago. My home telemarketing calls have now STOPPED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have saved my sanity. Sue - Manassas, VA

Thank you, TeleZapper! You've saved me the cost of replacing the glass in my bedroom window, and a doctor bill for trying to throw my phone a hundred yards! Yes, I'm talking about those late, and I do mean late, nighttime calls trying to sell me everyting from newspapers, family portraits, to life insurance! Ah, privacy...what a beautiful word! Ruben - Palmdale, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do telemarketing calls work?

There are several hundred telemarketing call centers in the U.S., with the vast majority of telemarketing calls being dialed by a computer known as an auto dialer or predictive dialer. Predictive dialers can dial 3-5 numbers simultaneously and can make as many as 500,000 calls between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. When you answer your phone, the computer connects you to a live telemarketer who tries to sell you something. If you are not home or if the computer gets your answering machine, your number will be put back in the database to be called again later.

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How does my number get on telemarketing lists?

You can get on telemarketing lists in many ways:

  • By having a listed telephone number;

  • Through a reverse phone book organized by neighborhood;

  • When you dial an 800 number that uses an Automatic Number Identification system (ANI) to record your number;

  • Via credit information services, such as Equifax, etc.;

  • By ordering products or services from direct marketers or catalogs, whether you order through the mail, from web sites, or via 800 numbers;

  • By printing or including your telephone number on your personal checks;

  • Even by simply paying your monthly bills.

These lists of telephone numbers are then often sold, bartered, rented, shared and copied from one telemarketer to another. As your number constantly finds its way onto new call lists, the TeleZapper will continue to do its job over time to help you protect your privacy.

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How does the TeleZapper "zap" telemarketers?

The TeleZapper uses the technology of telemarketers' automatic dialing equipment against them. When you or your answering machine picks up a call, the TeleZapper emits a special tone that "fools" the computer into thinking your number is disconnected. When the computer hears the tone, it hangs up before you can be connected to a telemarketer and then deletes your phone number from its database. Overtime, as your number is removed from more and more databases, you'll see a dramatic decrease in the number of annoying telemarketing calls you receive.

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Will the TeleZapper "zap" calls from anyone other than telemarketers?

The TeleZapper is designed to "zap" calls made by predictive dialer computers by doing two things: first, by disconnecting predictive-dialed calls before you can be connected to a live telemarketer and second, by deleting your phone number from telemarketing computer lists. Whether the TeleZapper will affect computer-dialed calls from other sources depends on the type of computer equipment and how that equipment is being used. Therefore, it may also "zap" calls from other organizations that use predictive dialer computers, such as charitable organizations, blood banks, public safety and service organizations, market researchers, opinion and political pollsters, and academic institutions.

Many organizations and communities do not rely entirely on computerized calling systems to reach you. Most have secondary means in place to contact or notify people with important information. Furthermore, these organizations can always contact you by simply dialing your phone number manually. Manually dialed calls will not be zapped. As such, you can notify organizations to determine if they use predictive dialers and, if so, to ask that your phone number be manually dialed or that alternate means be used in order to contact you.

Finally, during times of severe weather or at any time that important public emergency notifications might be received, you can quickly and easily disconnect your TeleZapper to allow all calls, including those placed by computerized dialers, to be successfully completed.

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How do I know when I've "zapped" someone?

If you answer your telephone and there's no one there, the odds are that you just "zapped" a telemarketer. After a few weeks, you'll notice that you are receiving fewer and fewer of these calls.

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Why buy a TeleZapper instead of letting my answering machine or caller ID screen telemarketing calls?

The TeleZapper is the only product that emits a signal that "tells" predictive dialer computers your number is disconnected. Unlike answering machines or caller ID, once the TeleZapper's tone is emitted, your number is removed from the computer's call list. So, as time passes, you'll receive fewer and fewer annoying telemarketing calls. If the computer gets your answering machine, your number is put back into the database to be called again and again … and again. Most telemarketing calls show up on Caller ID as "out of area" or "private". But since many callers are identified in these ways, it's difficult to know who's calling and whether or not you want to pick up the phone. The TeleZapper really is a better solution to keep telemarketers out!

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How do I install the TeleZapper?

The TeleZapper is easy to install. Simply plug it into any electrical outlet and phone jack to cover all extensions and answering machines connected to that line. Plus, you have flexibility to place the TeleZapper anywhere in your home since you can plug the phone cord into a phone, into an answering machine, or directly into a phone jack.

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Do I need a TeleZapper for each telephone extension?

No. One TeleZapper covers all telephones and answering machines connected to the same line (telephone number). If you have two lines, you will need an additional TeleZapper for your other line.

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Do I need to use a special phone with the TeleZapper?

No. The TeleZapper works on any home phone line and with any type of phone.

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Will the TeleZapper interfere with my answering machine?

No. The TeleZapper will not interfere with your answering machine. In fact, the TeleZapper works with your answering machine to "zap" telemarketers when you are away or when you prefer not to answer the phone. When your answering machine picks up a call for you, the TeleZapper emits its special tone to "zap" the telemarketer. Your name will have been deleted from another telemarketing list and you won't have been bothered at all. We do recommend that you re-record your message and delay speaking for a few seconds to allow time for the TeleZapper tone prior to the start of your recorded message. A caller who wishes to leave a message on your answering machine will hear a short tone followed by your recording.

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I have voicemail from the telephone company. Will the TeleZapper work with this?

Yes and No. Your telephone must go "off-hook" for the TeleZapper to emit its tone. As long as you pick up a call, the phone goes "off-hook" and the TeleZapper emits its tone to "zap" telemarketers. If, instead, the telephone company "answers" your calls through voicemail, your phone does not go "off-hook" and the TeleZapper cannot emit its tone. The TeleZapper will not interfere with the normal operation of your voicemail.

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Will the TeleZapper interfere with my computer or fax machine?

No. The TeleZapper does not interfere with the operation of your computer, your fax machine or other telecommunications or electronics equipment.

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Will the TeleZapper work on junk faxes?

Yes. If your fax number is dialed by a computerized predictive dialing system that is programmed to listen for disconnected numbers, the TeleZapper will "zap" your fax number from those calling lists.

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When is/should the red LED light on the TeleZapper be on?

The red LED light flashes three times when the phone is picked up and the TeleZapper emits its tone. Since the light is off at all other times, it does not mean your TeleZapper is not working when the light is not illuminated.

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What's to keep telemarketers from just turning off the "disconnected" feature on their computerized dialing equipment?

Plenty! There are millions of non-working telephone numbers. Telemarketers succeed by efficiently connecting their operators to PEOPLE and then selling them something. The last thing they want is to waste time being connected to a non-working telephone number. Plus, when you've installed a Telezapper, you're telling the telemarketer you do not want to talk to them. There are laws that support your right to privacy and most telemarketers really don't want to violate those laws -- they just want to talk to someone who might buy something.

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Does the TeleZapper block collectors' computer generated calls made to collect legitimate debts?

By purchasing the TeleZapper, you are making a choice to protect your privacy. Before the introduction of the TeleZapper, you may have used other methods to screen unwanted calls, such as Caller ID, Privacy Manager, and answering machines. The TeleZapper is simply another option for people who are concerned about maintaining their privacy. That right is a fundamental one and is, indeed, constitutionally protected.

The vast majority of telemarketing calls are computer dialed at random. The TeleZapper is designed to "zap" your phone number off telemarketers' computers. Whether the TeleZapper will affect computer-dialed calls from other sources, such as collection agencies, depends on the type of computer equipment being used and how that equipment is being used. Therefore, the TeleZapper may also "zap" calls from organizations, other than telemarketers, that also use predictive dialer computers.

The TeleZapper will not "zap" bill collectors or other companies who dial a telephone number manually rather than through a predictive dialing computer.

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Does the TeleZapper block incoming calling card calls?

Telezapper has learned that some long distance calling card manufacturers use a system similar to predictive dialing systems. Whether the TeleZapper will affect computer dialed calling card calls depends on the type of computer equipment and how that equipment is being used. Since the TeleZapper is designed to disconnect calls before a computerized predictive dialer can connect you to a live telemarketer/caller, there is also a chance that predictive-dialed calling card calls may not be completed.

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Does the TeleZapper create a computer virus for the caller?

The TeleZapper DOES NOT create a computer virus for callers. The TeleZapper simply emits a tone that predictive dialer computers recognize as a disconnected number.

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Does the TeleZapper interfere with a DSL connection?

The TeleZapper DOES NOT interfere with a DSL connection. Be sure that the Telezapper is connected at a point after the DSL junction box.

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What are the differences between the TeleZappper and TeleZapper II?

Besides being smaller in size the TeleZapper II offers a user-selectable switch to choose between emitting one or three tones. It is also powered by a lithium battery with a projected useful life of approximately 7 years, and does not require household current.

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