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Fax Firewall
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Our Review

The Fax Firewall was obviously designed by engineers who understand the frustration and expense of receiving junk faxes.

From the moment we began using this product, we knew that this was much more than your average Caller ID or call screening device.

It's layout and design lends itself to easy use and understanding, and insightfully addresses the various demands of both the residential and commercial user.

The unit connects to the provided power supply, and between the telephone and wall jack as you would with a standard Caller ID unit. The clock display immediately lit up and the first incoming call updated the time and date automatically.

Three modes are available from the "Screen" button on the front panel: 'Off', 'Simple', and 'Data.' In the 'Off' mode, all calls are allowed to ring the phone connected to the device, while 'Simple' prevents the phone from ringing when the calls were unidentifed. In the default setting, all unidentified callers are ignored.

Now came the fun part. Using either the call history or the telephone keypad, we were able to add numbers to the phonebook that we wanted to manage. We also saved some 'Wildcard' numbers. By creating the record "800 ### ####" we were able to 'Invite' or 'Exclude' all 800 numbers. Once we developed a small database of numbers, we were ready to put the device through it's paces.

First we tried the 'Simple' mode, then blocked and unblocked our Caller ID. When a fax arrives, the unit's Caller ID display lights up and silently scrutinizes the incoming Caller ID information. If we blocked the Caller ID, the screen would read 'Blocked' and ignore the call without ringing the fax. Once we unblocked the Caller ID, our fax rang through without delay.

Next came the 'Data' mode. Only faxes from 'Invited' numbers could ring the fax, all others were ignored. The amazing bit of technology concerning this device is that it performs it's magic before it ever answers the call!

You can also view the history of all inbound calls (up to 64).

Amazingly, if an office has the need for more than one fax device, up to four Caller ID Manager Remotes can be added to send faxes to various machines, based on who the fax is from, on a single line.

This is technology at it's best. We also found the Technical Support channels, both phone and email, to be very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.

In our opinion, this is one device that no business or residence should be without!


Customer Testimonials

VL NET TECHNOLOGY tried to send another junk fax at 7:22PM this evening and the FAXFIREWALL unit blocked it as directed. Didn't even know they had called until I looked at the name on the display.

Hot damn I love it...Ken M, Boca Raton, FL

It got to the point where just the sound of the fax going off in the next room, producing reams of unwanted advertising, was driving me crazy. The aggravation of knowing I was involuntarily burning through expensive ink cartridges and paper with no end in sight was enough to cause me to keep my Fax machine turned off unless I knew I was about to receive a Fax. Since I discovered and began to use the FAXFIREWALL to stop junk faxes, I can keep my machine on 24/7 knowing the only faxes we receive are the ones we want. Thanks, Privacy Corps! Jon E, Sonoma, CA


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How complicated is the installation process?

The unit plugs into a fax or fax modem using phone jacks. Simply take the phone jack which was plugged into your fax, and plug it into the Fax Firewall. Then take the line that comes with the Fax Firewall and connect it to your fax device or computer fax modem. Plug in the Power Unit to the nearest electric outlet, and you're ready!

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How long does it take to install?

Less than 5 minutes.

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