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On average, only 24% of what you donate as a result of a telemarketing call will actually get to the charity on whose behalf the solicitation is made. The telemarketing company hired to make the call gets the rest.

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Caller ID Manager Remote
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Our Review

The Caller ID Manager Remote is to be used as a complement to the Caller ID Manager, and allows for extensions to be added without the need for additional wiring.

It's installation is simple, with the power supply and telephone extension cord that is provided. Simply connect the remote to the extension phone, plug in the power, and set the switch on the bottom to coincide with the extension number, from 1-4.

It's that simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How complicated is the installation process?

The unit plugs into a normal phone system using phone jacks. Simply take the phone jack which was plugged into your phone, and plug it into the Caller ID Manager Remote. Then take the line that comes with the Remote and connect it to your telephone. Plug in the Power Unit to the nearest electric outlet, and you are ready!

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How long does it take to install?

Less than 5 minutes.

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