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Caller ID Manager
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Our Review


From the moment we began using this product, we knew that this was much more than your average Caller ID or call screening device.

It's layout and design lends itself to easy use and understanding, and insightfully addresses the various demands of both the residential and commercial user.

The unit connects to the provided power supply, and between the telephone and wall jack as you would with a standard Caller ID unit. The clock display immediately lit up and the first incoming call updated the time and date automatically.

Three modes are available from the "Screen" button on the front panel: 'Off', 'Simple', and 'Data.' In the 'Off' mode, all calls are allowed to ring the phone connected to the device, while 'Simple' prevents the phone from ringing when the calls were unidentifed. In the default setting, all unidentified callers are sent to the answering device or VoiceMail.

Now came the fun part. Using either the call history or the telephone keypad, we were able to add numbers to the phonebook that we wanted to manage. Once in the phonebook memory, with just a touch of the 'Save' button, we could select between having each number either ring the phone, go directly to the answering machine or VoiceMail, or ignore it by not answering. We also saved some 'Wildcard' numbers. By creating the record "800 ### ####" we were able to 'Invite' or 'Exclude' all 800 numbers. Once we developed a small database of numbers, we were ready to put the device through it's paces.

First we tried the 'Simple' mode, then blocked and unblocked our Caller ID. When a call arrives, the unit's Caller ID display lights up and silently scrutinizes the incoming Caller ID information. If we blocked the Caller ID, the screen would read 'Blocked' and divert the call to the answering device (or VoiceMail) without ringing the phone. Once we unblocked the Caller ID, our call rang through without delay.

Next came the 'Data' mode. As directed, each bit of instruction we gave to the device on how to handle each Caller ID was handled precisely and expediently. The amazing bit of technology concerning this device is that it performs it's magic before it ever answers the phone!

In all modes, a flashing red light indicates that a new call has come in, and the call history will hold up to 64 names, sorted either by name or number. If a new message is sent to VoiceMail, a beeping alert can be turned on to notify you of new VoiceMail messages.

Since combination phone/answering machine/Caller ID units are used by a growing number of households, we hooked one up to the unit. Although the Caller ID Manager was designed to work optimally with a stand-alone answering device or VoiceMail, a special feature is provided to avoid having the combination phone ring with uninvited callers while still utilizing the combination phone's answering device.... very clever!

We also tested the 'Sleep' mode, which is a timer for up to 8 hours in 30-minute increments. In this mode, no one can ring your phone and welcome calls are sent to the answering device or VoiceMail. This is a great feature for watching movies, study or naptime. An emergency code is provided for emergencies, but can only be utilized with an onsite answering device, (not VoiceMail).

There is also an automatic timer feature to switch the device between 'Standby' and 'Simple' OR 'Data' if you wish to have the unit switch daily, during the time period that you choose.

The Caller ID Manager only rings the phone(s) connected to it. Theoretically, this device could control all of the phones in your home if the wiring could run through it first, then on to the rest of the house. In most cases, this is impractical, so the manufacturer optionally provides 'Remote' units that connect up to four other phones (one per phone extension) and communicates with the Caller ID Manager. Not only does it pass the ring and Caller ID information on to other phones after pre-screening, but you can also direct each call, based on number or name information, to a specific phone, without ringing the others. This is perfect for a household with kids, in-laws, or a small-office-home-office.

You can also view the history of all inbound and outbound calls (up to 64) with the 'Track Calls' feature.

This is technology at it's best. We are blown away at the number of innovations available with this product and its reliable performance. Some understanding is necessary to utilize all of its features, but the manual is very comprehensive and easy to understand for those who wish to capture every feature. We also found the Technical Support channels, both phone and email, to be very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.

In our opinion, this is one device that no business or residence should be without!

Customer Testimonials

I have moved everything in-house and canceled my out-house VoiceMail system saving me $8.95 a month. The phone company wanted yet another $4.00 a month for what they call "REVEAL" which forces "out of area" callers and "private" callers to enter their number... AND THEN IT RINGS ANYWAY, so I would still need to set up some form of blocking. At a savings of $12.95 a month total with better control I am happy as a clam. Larry Y, Cincinnati, OH.

The Caller ID Manager does all it says and works awesome! I had problems with similar product of another brand, it simply didn't work. The Caller ID Manager worked perfectly right out of the box. Also love the ability it has to pass the Caller ID info to my phone, "Brand X" doesn't offer this. All in all a sweet product, and tech support was VERY helpful and knowledgeable. Doug M, Plano, TX

I just had to e-mail you people back to tell you how impressed I am with the product I just purchased from you. The product I am referring to is your Caller ID Manager. Being an electrical engineer myself, I really appreciate the design of this thing. Originally, I just wanted a device that would block out certain telephone numbers, and that was all. This device of yours, not only does that, but does many more things as well. I would like to take this moment to thank you for your prompt service and also marketing a wonderful device such as this. I am sure you can imagine that I am more than satisfied with this product. I certainly will recommend your product to others. Cliff S, Winnipeg

I had purchased a more expensive device from a different company and spent a lot of time trying to make the device block unwanted calls. It simply would NOT work with my caller ID system. I bought the Caller ID Manager for about half the price and it has worked perfectly, blocking all junk calls during hours when I needed peace and quiet. I'm a very privacy conscious person and consider this device essential in my relatively primitive caller ID telephone area. Roger D, Holland, MA

I've got to tell you, I LOVE this device. It works well! Garret G, Sugar Grove, IL

I was just thinking this morning, when I walked by the Caller ID Manager on the desk near the kitchen and didn't see the blinking red light that indicates some junk fax call that was blocked overnight, how well this unit really works.

It works so well that not only am I on the federal Do-Not-Call list for telemarketers, I am apparently on a Do-Not-Bother list with the junk faxers. They must be tired of having their numbers blocked and having the Caller ID Manager shunt their call out to the answering machine port. I don't have an answering machine hooked up to that connection so to the junk faxers and telemarketers the phone just rings and rings and never picks up.

I've actually turned on the ringer on the phone by my bed as I am no longer worried about being woken up several times throughout the we small hours of the night by junk fax calls.

After the DVR (digital video recorders--like TiVo), I would vote for the Caller ID Manager as the most useful invention of the last 10 years.

That is my heartfelt opinion and if you have any desire to use this testimonial in advertising, feel free to do so. Ken M, Boca Raton, FL

I am writing to let you know how happy we are with our recent purchase from you (of the Caller ID Manager). This is the most amazing Caller ID device I've ever used, and it is doing an incredible job of managing both wanted and unwanted calls.

Thanks for offering such an amazing product! I think you will be getting some orders from people we know who we've told about this fantastic little caller ID box. Steve F, Farmington CT

The Caller ID Manager is a device whose time has come. For many years I have dreamed of receiving only necessary telephone calls. I now have complete control of my incoming calls. What a blessing. To all those unwanted callers I now say "Ring me once, shame on you. Ring me twice shame on me." Thank you very much for this product. Now, can you do anything for "Junk Mail"? John V, Newtown Square, PA

Brilliant!! The phone is now my friend again. Works as advertised, and more! I had one question, and it was answered promptly by a human being. You don't get that often anymore. Thanks for a great product! Michael K, Sacramento, CA

(The Caller ID Manager) does all it is represented to do and I am very happy with it. Keith A, Tucson, AZ

My wife and I work the evening shift at a large regional hospital and get to bed about 3:00 AM. The last thing we need is to have our sleep interrupted by unwanted telemarketers. However, because we are always on call, we must answer the phone. Unfortunately, our number is on the list of 13 telemarketers who call us 3-5 times a week. Getting 50+ a week at all hours totally disrupted our sleep. After we started using the Caller ID Manager we were able to stop the calls and once again we get our much needed rest. The Caller ID Manager is a silver bullet for stopping telemarketers. Thanks for a simple to use and affordable product that does the job no one else can. Harry G, Eugene, OR

I love my doo-dad (Caller ID Manager). Put that on your website, "Doug in Plano, TX says he loves his doo-dad!" Doug M, Plano, TX

For the last several months I have been battling constant and relentless harrassment in the form of repeated calls all day and all night by several companys who do not understand what "The person you are trying to reach is not at this number", or "Take us OFF your call list!!" mean. The National Do Not Call Registry is a joke, and I got so sick and tired of filing a dozen complaints every day, day in and day out, only to have nothing happen. I did some research and found the Privacy Corps web site and the Caller ID Manager they offered. This sounded like just what I needed so I placed and order immediately.

I could hardly wait to get my Caller ID Manager, and when it arrived read the entire manual and set my unit up right away. I programmed my long list of all of the annoying harrassement callers' phone numbers into my database, and sat back and relished in the silence afforded to me because of this product. They were trickey though, and started to use alternate numbers. I then just did a wildcard block for their area code and silence again returned to my home.

I am very happy with the Caller ID Manager so far. It is such a pleasure to sit and be able to enjoy a TV show or dinner without the constant ringing of the phone because of the ignorance of some companies and individuals towards a persons privacy. All I have now is peace and quiet and an occasional quiet click as the Caller ID Manager does its work.

If I had to request an update for the unit, it would be that they just make a dead internal port and unwanted calls could be directed there instead of using up the Answering Machine port, and I would also like the option to have the Caller ID Manager not log numbers, or automatically delete numbers from the incoming call log that I have blocked. That way I would not have to delete them manually during the evening.

I would highly recommend this unit for anyone who is being harrassed by solicitors, collectors, and constant wrong numbers. Just remember that you need to buy a remote unit for each (corded) phone, or only the phone you have the Caller ID Manager main unit hooked up to will not ring, and the other (corded) phones will continue to ring as normal. I did not realize this and had to buy my remote seperately and could have saved a few bucks by originally getting the Combo pack.

Great product, and Privacy Corps has the cheapest prices on this unit, so don't bother doing the research, I've already done it for you. David S, New Castle, DE

Great gizmo! Haven't had one unwanted phone call or fax since it was installed. The greatest invention since the transistor. Raymond S, Angels Camp, CA

The Caller ID Manager that I ordered from you a few days ago has been a life saver. The peace and sanity of my household has been restored to me.

I had a group of about five telemarking companies from around the country who just would not obey the do not call list. One company was calling me seven times a day. I am pleased with the ease of operation. I am able to receive calls from all the people I love to receive calls from while not be irritated by those I have no desire to talk to. Thanks. Mike H, Springfield, MA

We would love to hear from you if you have used one of our products!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How complicated is the installation process?

  • The unit plugs into a normal phone system using phone jacks. Simply take the phone jack which was plugged into your phone, and plug it into the Caller ID Manager. Then take the line that comes with the Caller ID Manager and connect it to your telephone. Plug in the Power Unit to the nearest electric outlet, and you are ready! A simple Quick Start Guide is included and free technical support is available by telephone or email.

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Do I need one Caller ID Manager for each phone?

  • One Caller ID Manager can control every phone number that you have. It can also control every phone in your home if it is the first device on your phone line. For most users, this kind of installation is impractical, because the entry point of the phone line, (otherwise know as the demarcation point or "demarc") is in the garage or attic. However, with the use of up to four Caller ID Manager Remotes the Caller ID Manager can be connected to any convenient wall jack, to control all of the phones connect to the line.

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How long does it take to install?

  • Less than 5 minutes.

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Will it work without Caller ID?

  • No. Caller ID service from your telephone service provider is necessary for the unit to work.

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Can the it block "Anonymous," "Private," "Blocked" and "Out of Area" calls?

  • Absolutely! One press of a button will block all "Anonymous," "Private," "Blocked" and "Out of Area" calls from local, long distance, international, cell phone, fax broadcasters and autodialers, before your phone rings.

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I have a list of callers that I do want to be able to call, (white list) and want to ignore all others. Is this possible?

  • You bet! The Caller ID Manager's flexible setup was designed to conform to your individual needs. You can block some and allow all others, or block ALL calls and allow only those on your 'Invited' list to ring your phone or leave a message. Those in responsible care of others find this feature to be indispensible. For instance, the Caller ID Manager is used to protect seniors from having their phone rung by telephone predators, while seamlessly allowing calls from friends, family members and immediate neighbors. For emergency lines, remotely operated equipment, or locations where security, traffic, and identification validation is a concern, a similar approach is used.

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Can the caller enter a code if I want them to be able to ring, but their Caller ID is showing as 'Anonymous,' Out of Area,' 'Private' or 'Blocked'?

  • Yes. An optional user-defined two-digit code is available for welcome callers if their Caller ID information is not available, they are calling from an unfamiliar phone (ie: pay phone) or using a calling card. To utilize this feature, you must have a stand-alone answering device connected to the 'Answer' port on the Caller ID Manager. This is the perfect option for unimpeded communication from your children when they are away from home, and for those who receive welcome unidentified international calls, but wish to block others.

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Is it possible to block one or two numbers and allow all other calls?

  • No problem. You can block only one, or up to 175 individual numbers, or use the 'Wildcard' feature to block entire area codes, prefixes, or number sets with a single entry.

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Can it block calls from long distance, cell phones, international and 800 numbers?

  • No problem. You can block ANY number or area code from local, long distance, international, cell phone, fax broadcasters and autodialers, before your phone rings. The Caller ID Manager doesn't care how the call is generated, and does a much better job at blocking calls than any telephone company provided services, without any monthly fees or limitations.

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My telephone company can't block long distance, international or cell phone calls. Can the Caller ID Manager do this?

  • No problem. You can block ANY number or area code from local, long distance, international, cell phone, fax broadcasters and autodialers, before your phone rings. The Caller ID Manager doesn't care how the call is generated, and does a much better job at blocking calls than any telephone company provided services, without any monthly fees or limitations.

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How many entries can I store in the database?

  • You can store up to 175 entries, including 'Wildcard' entries. By using the the 'Wildcard' feature, you and 'Invite' or 'Exclude' entire area codes, prefixes, or number sets with a single entry.

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Can I add numbers from the call history into the database?

  • Yes. You can highlight the numbers you've called or received, then save them into the database.

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Can I add numbers into the database without waiting for them to call?

  • No problem. Turn the 'Call Tracking' to 'on,' then dial the number and hang up. Now the number is in the call history to save into the database. You can enter a specific number, or use the 'Wildcard' feature to 'Invite' or 'Exclude' entire area codes, prefixes, or number sets.

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What happens to calls that I don't want to receive?

  • You have two choices. You can send them to your answering device or VoiceMail, or ignore the call with no answer.

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Will my database and settings be erased after a power failure?

  • No. And, there are no batteries required. When power is restored, all of your settings remain intact, and the first inbound call will reset the time and date. The additional benefit of this feature is that the Caller ID Manager can be preset at one site for installation elsewhere.

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Can I have calls identfied as 'Cell Phone' ring my phone without a number?

  • Yes. Just save that call in your database and allow it to ring your phone. You can do the same with other identities that don't actually show the number, ie: "Private."

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What connections are required?

  • The Caller ID Manager comes with a power cord and telephone cable, and that is all that is needed. The power cord plugs into your electrical outlet and the Caller ID Manager. The cable is used to connect your phone outlet to the Caller ID Manager.

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Is it possible to route calls directly to an extension based on who is calling?

  • Not a problem. With each number that you include in your phone list, you direct the Caller ID Manager to route the call as you choose. Your choices are to either ignore the caller without answering, send the call to the answering device or VoiceMail, ring the phones connected to the Caller ID Manager and extensions, or ring only the extension(s) that you specify. To ring specific extensions, a Caller ID Manager Remote is necessary at each extension that you want to control. You can install up to four Caller ID Manager Remotes to control individual extensions or groups of phones, ie: upstairs phones, kids phones, workshop, etc.

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How does the Caller ID Manager eliminate computer-generated telemarketing and fax calls?

  • When an unfamiliar number appears, the Caller ID Manager directs the call, at your option, to either the answering device or Voicemail, or, ignored and unanswered. The computers will not know to remove your name from their call list, but it will most likely do so after a number of unsuccessful attempts.

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Can I use the Caller ID Manager with my VoIP, Vonage and other broadband services?

  • No problem! You can enhance your VoIP broadband service by using the Caller ID Manager to control your calls.

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Is there a warranty on the Caller ID Manager?

  • Yes. The Calller ID Manager is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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Is free technical support available to assist with setup or operation of the Caller ID Manager?

  • Absolutely. Free technical support is available by telephone or email.

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