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Privacy Call Guardian from Digitone Communications
Review | FAQ

Our Review

We've waited a long time for a series of products like the Privacy Call, to stop unwanted calls and manage communications from a single line…and at a very affordable price.

The Privacy Call Guardian is the entry level Privacy Call product that is loaded with more features than we've seen on any similarly priced products, to include a call screening device with outgoing announcement, distinctive ringing for up to four user-defined access codes, and "900" call restriction.

The sleek and sophisticated design gives the user a hint of the robust engineering and construction that went into these units.

Connecting the Privacy Call Guardian was as easy as connecting the provided telephone cord from the wall jack to the "Telco" port of the unit, connecting the power cord to "12VAC" jack and wall receptacle, the telephone to the "Phone" port, and the answering machine to the "Answer" port. A diagram was provided to reassure us of the proper setup.

From there, we were ready to answer and screen incoming calls. The unit performed flawlessly in this function. Our phones did not ring until the proper keys were pressed, but familiar callers could avoid the announcement altogether by entering their private code. Without a private code, our answering device would take a message without ringing the phones.

Now we were ready to try more of the functions and experiment with programming.

All programming is easily performed from the telephone(s) attached to the Privacy Call Guardian. For instance, to change the outgoing message, it is a simple matter of picking up the handset, pressing '#-#' then '1-1', then record your message (up to 25 seconds). Here is an example of a personalized message that you can easily record: "You have reached 555-1212. Invited callers, please enter your code now, or leave a message. Thank you!" If your party does not answer, press '1' to leave a message.

To change the user access codes (four unique codes are possible) the key entry was '#-#' then '3-1' then the code we chose '5-5'. Now invited callers could ring through after the announcement begins by pressing '5-5'

It took us only minutes to begin to configure the unit to our specifications. Included in the instructions is a simple list of the programming codes, should anything need to change. Here are some examples of the default features that can be changed with ease:

  • Turn Distinctive ringing on an off;
  • Restrict outbound '900' and '976' numbers;
  • Change access codes;
  • Change outgoing message.

We also connected our Caller ID to the Privacy Call to find that it did not affect the functions of either the Caller ID unit or the Privacy Call Guardian in any way.

Since the Privacy Call Guardian only rings those phones connected to it, we experimented with normal household telephone wiring and found that, even though not outlined in the manufacturer's instructions, the Privacy Call Guardian could be wired into the main incoming phone line and it would ring every telephone in the house. Due to it's exceptional design and engineering, the Privacy Call Guardian can be programmed from any phone on the premesis and can be placed wherever the main line first appears. However, we would recommend using the services of a qualified telephone vendor to install the necessary jacks, if not already present. If ringing of all phones is not necessary, the Privacy Call Guardian can be installed in a central location and will ring those devices connected to it. Even then, calls can be made or answered from any phone without losing any of the Privacy Call Guardian's functions.

If a fax machine is shared on the same line, consider the Privacy Call PLUS, which has the additional benefit of automatic fax detection and call forwarding to a cell phone, pager or alternate location. Better yet, if you support a dedicated line just for the fax, you can eliminate the monthly fees by installing the Privacy Call PLUS on your primary line without interfering with regular calls.

Overall, we highly recommend the entire Privacy Call line of products. The choice would not be "if" we would choose one of these products, but "which" product would we choose to give us all of the features and flexibility that meets our individual needs.

Their "NO UNWANTED CALL GUARANTEE" is a promise that they can keep with this series. We couldn't find any way to make the phone ring without the proper code. This product is like having a firewall for your telephone!

It's obvious why the manufacturer has received the endorsement of industry giant Motorola, and numerous design awards from the electronics industry for their insightful and innovative designs and products.

Customer Testimonials

"(The Privacy Call) allows only callers I know to ring my phones. And if someone calls in who doesn't know our code they can press '1' to leave a message. It's been a great relief to know we can answer the phone now without being harassed by telemarketers." Michael, Charlotte, NC

We would love to hear from you if you have used one of our products!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How complicated is the installation process?

The unit plugs into a normal phone system using phone jacks. Simply take the phone jack which was plugged into your phone, and plug it into the Privacy Call Guardian. Then take the line that comes with the Privacy Call Guardian and connect it to your telephone. Plug in the Power Unit to the nearest electric outlet, and you are ready!

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How long does it take to install?

Less than 5 minutes.

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Will it work with Caller ID?

Yes. It works in conjuction with Caller ID, if you want, so that you can be assured that the person causing your phone to ring is indeed an invited caller and is someone you want to talk to .

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How long must a caller wait before they enter their code to ring through?

Immediate access can be gained at any time during the message.

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Do I create my own messages?

Yes. A 25 second message can be recorded in your own voice. Sample messages are provided, or create your own.

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What connections are required?

The Privacy Call Guardian comes with a power cord and telephone cable, and that is all that is needed. The power cord plugs into your electrical outlet and the Privacy Call Guardian. The cable is used to connect your phone outlet to the Privacy Call Guardian.

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How does the Privacy Call Guardian eliminate computer-generated telemarketing calls?

The computer dialer obviously will not hear the Privacy Call Guardian's recorded message. However, when a computer dialer hears a recorded-- rather than a human - voice, it will simply hang up. The computer will not know to remove your name from the list, but it will most likely do so after a number of unsuccessful attempts.

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Is there a warranty on the Privacy Call Guardian?

Yes. The Privacy Call is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year.

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