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The National Association of Attorneys General estimates that although 5,000,000 Americans are defrauded by telemarketers every year, only one of five of them report the fraud, usually because they are too embarrassed.

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Press Release - November 2004

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Ken Chase

Caller ID Manager and FAX FIREWALL Allows Only 'Invited' Callers to Ring

Novato, CA (Nov 16, 2004): Telemarketing companies and exempted groups may have found loopholes in the National "Do Not Call" List, but telecom automation provider Privacy Corps thwarts them again with their latest introductions, the Caller ID Manager and FAX FIREWALL.

Both compact devices, designed for customers who subscribe to Caller ID, the Caller ID Manager and FAX FIREWALL allows only 'Invited' callers to ring the phone or fax. All other callers are handled as the consumer chooses.

Although the devices are customizable, their use is simple. Callers on the consumer's 'Invited' list ring through without interference, while anonymous or unfamiliar callers are either ignored or allowed to leave a message, without ringing the phone. Callers on the consumer's 'Excluded' list cannot ring the phone or leave a message, including cell phone, out-of-state, and international callers.

"We call it 'Caller ID with an Attitude!'," says Chase. "Now you can choose who can ring your phone or fax, and when, without the limits and extra monthly charges from your telephone service provider. Using the unit's Caller ID screen, it only takes a push of a button to add callers to the 175 entry 'Included' or 'Excluded' list. And, using the 'Wildcard' feature, the consumer can 'Invite' or 'Exclude' entire area codes, prefixes or number sets. Lists are so flexible that you can 'Invite' everyone and "Exclude' some, or 'Exclude' everyone and 'Invite' some. "With these devices, unwanted calls and junk faxes are a thing of the past."

A snap to install, the Caller ID Manager completely eliminates telemarketing calls, predictive dialers, misdialed numbers, hang-up calls, junk faxes, pollsters, political organizations, ex's, creditors, harassment, and every other type of unwanted call. It can also be used as a pre-screening device for large telephone systems designed for business and institutional use, or as a qualifier for modems or remote phone devices.

Additional benefits include 'Do Not Disturb' modes. This feature prevents callers from ringing the phone during chosen hours, such as, bedtime, study or movie time, either on a one-time or daily basis.

"The Caller ID Manager is particularly useful for people who keep unusual hours, such as those working the graveyard or swing shifts," says Chase. "During 'Do Not Disturb' hours, 'Invited' callers can leave a message, but the phone will not ring, ensuring total privacy." A secret emergency code is provided in case of emergencies.

Based on the same platform, the FAX FIREWALL completely eliminates junk faxes, also by the use of an 'Invited' list, and ignores all others without answering the call.

The Caller ID Manager and FAX FIREWALL are the latest additions to the Privacy Corps product line, designed to help residential consumers and business owners better manage their telephone communications and reduce monthly telephone charges. Both of these products are available at the website <www.PrivacyCorps.com> or by calling (888) 633-5777.

About Privacy Corps

Privacy Corps provides proven methods for eliminating unwelcome assaults on their customers' privacy, testing and rating privacy-protection products and selling only those worthy of their 30-day money-back guarantee. Privacy Corps also provides free resources about maintaining, regaining and protecting personal privacy, products to stop unwanted calls and faxes, and free email newsletters about new developments in privacy protection. Located in Novato, CA, Privacy Corps (www.PrivacyCorps.com) was founded in 2002.






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