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Americans lose $40 billion a year to fraudulent telemarketers according to the National Fraud Information Center. Investment scams alone amount to losses of $1 million an hour!

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EZ Hang-Up from Zenith
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Our Review

The EZ Hang-Up is about as simple as it gets! After wrestling with the very tight shrink-wrap, it's easy to put the Zenith EZ Hang-up into action. The easy-to-follow diagram instructions direct you to connect the EZ Hang-up to the back of your phone, then connect the line from the wall jack to the EZ Hang-up. That's it. No batteries, no power cords. The unit consists of a plastic housing with a button and a small red light, which illuminates when the unit is performing its duty.

The EZ Hang-up was designed for use on a single telephone. To use it effectively, you must install it in a convenient location. Mount it to the side of the phone you wish to use it from with the included double-stick tape.

The EZ Hang-Up is completely passive. The idea behind its design is convenience: the EZ Hang-up does not change the way you use your phone, except when an unwanted caller corners you. Just press the button on the EZ Hang-up, hang up the phone and painlessly exit the conversation.

The red light on the EZ Hang-up illuminates and the voice announces this message:

"I'm sorry, this number does not accept this type of call. Please regard this message as your notification to remove this number from your list. Thank you".

The EZ Hang-up then disconnects the caller and readies itself for the next call. When the red light has gone out, you'll know that the EZ Hang-Up has done its job.

It's the perfect answer to dealing with unsolicited conversations without feeling rude. Since there are no tones or announcements when you or your answering device pick up the phone, your callers won't even know you have armed yourself with a weapon against intrusive telemarketing.

Since it is manually operated, you will need one EZ Hang-up for each phone from which you wish to be able to deliver its message.

Not for use with any Digital Phone System or Multi-Line PBX System.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Because this product is so simple to use, Zenith does not provide an FAQ.


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