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92% of the adults in the United States have reported receiving fraudulent telephone offers.

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Caller ID Spoofing - What it is and how to protect yourself


Block Caller ID Spoofing - FEE FREE, using the Caller ID Manager

How Caller ID Spoofing works:

Caller ID Spoofing, a service mostly used by law enforcement, private investigation and collection agencies, is now made widely available to anyone for a small fee, without breaking the law.

Through these services, anyone calling your phone can now display a number of their choosing on your Caller ID, no matter where they are calling from. This means that anyone calling from anywhere in the world can use an innocent Caller ID to entice you to either answer your phone or have you return a call.

For instance, low cost marketing companies from overseas can now blanket a calling area, presenting your local prefix or area code, which you are more likely to answer or call back. If you answer, you'll be presented with a sales pitch, survey, asked for a donation, etc. If you call back based on the Caller ID information, you will be swiftly and invisibly transfered to their call center, either in the the U.S. or overseas.

How to protect yourself and family from Caller ID Spoofing:

Caller ID spoofing can be easily defeated using a simple device called the Caller ID Manager. This device offers the ability to either allow all callers and block some, or block all callers and 'Invite' some. Using the 'Wildcard' feature, you can also 'Invite' or 'Exclude' entire area codes, prefixes and number sets.

With the Caller ID Manager, you decide who can ring your phone, and when, without incurring any additional call blocking fees from your telephone service provider.



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