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92% of the adults in the United States have reported receiving fraudulent telephone offers.

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Privacy Corps - Fighting for Your Privacy!

As advancing technology makes it more convenient to automate your personal information, it also becomes easier for telemarketers and solicitors to compromise your privacy.
Stop Telemarketers & Block Unwanted Calls

Protect yourself from marketing attacks! Privacy Corps provides proven methods and products for systematically eliminating unwelcome assaults on your time and privacy: telemarketing calls, misdialed numbers, charities, political organizations and junk faxes. Privacy Corps tests and rates privacy protection products, selling only those we deem worthy of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step One: Establish your first line of defense! Invest in a high tech call screening device that's right for you. Once installed, these nifty tools eliminate most, if not all, of the aggravations caused by the barrage of unwelcome and invasive calls, with no monthly fees! Click here to compare products.

Step Two: Notify the direct marketers that you wish to be placed on their "DO NOT CALL" list. Join National and State Do Not Call Lists to make your desire for privacy known to the marketing industry.

Step Three: Be proactive and carefully manage your personal information. Information and tips are available thoughout our site.

Also, be sure to take full advantage of our:

  • Free resources about maintaining, regaining and protecting your personal privacy.
  • Free email newsletter alerting you to new developments in privacy protection.

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