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On average, only 24% of what you donate as a result of a telemarketing call will actually get to the charity on whose behalf the solicitation is made. The telemarketing company hired to make the call gets the rest.

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Privacy Corps Affiliate Program

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Earn money while offering consumers valuable products that are in demand.

Everyone wants relief from telemarketing and all unwanted calls. Privacy Corps provides the best selection of tested and guaranteed products to allow consumers to screen calls and better manage their telephone communications.

We offer a range of devices from the most basic, that allow consumer to gracefully exit a call from a telemarketer, to cutting-edge technology that will eliminate ALL unwanted calls. That means no more calls from telemarketers, surveyers, not for profits, stalkers, ex's, in other words, everyone the consumer doesn't want to talk to. With the array of products offered, an individual can easily find the right product for their specific needs and save on costly telephone services.

Privacy Corps is also the exclusive distributor of the Globalinx series of products, which offer a wide range of choices, priced from $69.97 - $89.97. Later this year, more sophisticated Globalinx models are being introduced at $149.97. These patented products are in very high demand due to their unique cutting edge technology and their "No Unwanted Calls" guarantee.

We're giving you the opportunity to get a piece of this market by offering your audience a way to easily find us and purchase on the web. It's a great way for you or your organization to maximize your earning potential from your website.

Just join the Privacy Corps Affiliate Program, and every time a click-through link from your website generates a purchase at www.PrivacyCorps.com, you earn a referral fee of 5%! High producing affiliates earn even more! Your referral fees can add up quickly and we make it easy for you to track your click-throughs and sales.



  1. You sign up. (Membership is free!)
  2. We provide you with links to Privacy Corps website.
  3. You place the link to Privacy Corps on your website.
  4. You earn 5% commission on every sale that originates from your website.

Joining the Privacy Corps's affiliate program allows you to partner with the premium website for telephone management devices.

Privacy Corps handles the hard part of e-commerce: transaction processing, customer service and fulfillment. You get to do the fun and rewarding part: choosing links and then watching commissions add up.



  1. Read our Affiliate Operating Agreement.
  2. Submit completed online application.
  3. Once approved, we'll permit you to link to Privacy Corps!


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